Dealing with Rejection

Posted on June 19, 2008 by thedawg.
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Rejection is fun when you can learn from it and grow as a wiser person!!!

Dealing with Rejection is one of those situations that can make or break a person. If you fear rejection then you are not prepared for it. There is always a learning experience from rejection that you can use to grow and surpass any negative emotions. Always look at the bright side. It is not the end of the world, A opportunity was just opened for the right situation that best fits your world to enter. You must remember that after every storm the sun rises after darkness you will always see the light and after every rejection you have gained the understanding on how to succeed in the next opportunity. Keep telling yourself this until you believe and own it!!!

Here are 7 steps to grow and Shine out of a rejection:


  1. Understand what depression is.  It is easy to fall into depression after any rejection. If you understand the definition of depression and can point it out when you feel it then you can stop depression from taking over your life at anytime.
  2. Do Not Hide Away. Go Out and Have Fun. Misery loves company. Do not fall into the trap!!!!
  3. Do not talk about the situation in a sorrow way. Talk about it in a happy reliving way. You are not the victim. You just just learned something new and shall succeed with your next opportunities.
  4. Remember that because of this rejection there are now greater opportunities heading your way.
  5.  Take a look at the situation and learn from it.
  6. Study your part, Learn your part and ask yourself what could you have done differently.
  7.  Be Strong, Be Happy, Have Fun and always Remember the law of attraction.

When dealing with rejection, use this experience as a learning phase and a step forward into the right direction. Understand and believe that this rejection has made you a stronger and wiser person. Most importantly you learned something about yourself. Use this experience and others that come in a positive way  for the rest of your life. Trust me you will be able to help someone who may be going through a similar experience and guide them in a honorable way. Be strong and use the law of attraction. You will get what you set your mind on consciously and subconsciously. Envision what you want, receive it even if you do not literally have it you must feel it and own it. Now live like you have it and own it!!! Stand proud, Walk tall and Shine!!!

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Good LuCk !!!




Comment on June 20th, 2008.

Rejection is probably one of the strongest hits to our ego. I agree that in the long run you learn from it, but it’s hard to say that you learn from it at the very beginning. I believe that at the very beginning you doubt yourself and wonder is you simply weren’t good enough and then when you know that you’ve put all of your efforts and still come rejected, its even harder to say that “perhaps, this isn’t for you.” Time heals all though.. so even if you don’t feel quite right at the moment you will so hold your head up high!!!!!!!

Comment on June 26th, 2008.

I can say that i have learned alot from it.everytime i faced rejection i thought no body cared about what i felt or what i had to say. i was falling into depresion i will admit it. then came my older brother and he told me to not let it take over me. most part of our family fall into it very quickly and want people to feel sorry for them. but, i didn’t. Now when i am rejected i don’t let it get to me. there are better things in the world for me. and no one can hold us down from doing anything.

Comment on November 28th, 2008.

I enjoyed reading what you had to say. A lot of it I already know but how quickly we forget when we get hit with REJECTION..especially the first time. You deny it, question it and yourself…start to get depressed. What a mess your thoughts become. Your reading made me realize that if i want to get passed this i must stop the growth of it in my head. I am STRONG, I AM WALKING TALL, STANDING PROUD, AND I AM SHINING!

Comment on April 16th, 2009.

Rejection is a blessing sometimes. When you love wholly, it doesn’t matter if rejection comes into play, your love for that person is eternal and no one can take that from you. We all need to put our ego away and it is very very tough to do, but if you can….you shine to brightly, all you can do is keep loving.

Comment on January 13th, 2010.

I enjoyed with ur lovely words that gave me 1001 inspiration.. honestly.. I’m dealing with rejection recently.. I had to move out from my course and took others that definitely not related with my study before… and it was so hard.. too hard I guess.. but I know its not the ending of live but its just beginning.. sometimes.. we can say let bygones be bygones.. but frankly its so hard to accept with full of heart.. anyway.. thanx for sharing.. I love it..

Trackback on March 19th, 2010.

Rejection is fun when you can learn from it and grow as a wiser person!!! Dealing with Rejection is one of those situations that can make or break a person…..

Абсолютно с Вами согласен. Это отличная идея. Я Вас поддерживаю….

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