Actions vs Family

Posted on May 17, 2008 by thedawg.
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Think about how your Actions has affected your family??

Do you owe any of them an amends? Have you been bringing work related stress home? Maybe your attitude has been a bit sour? Maybe you have been a bit selfish with time?

Family is one of the most important and valuable emotions we can share with a passion. Amongst family there always lives unconditional love. It’s about that time we make that amends, make some more time, tell the ones that love you how much they mean to you. Tell Them how much you love and Appreciate them.

Finlay exhale ….



Comment on May 17th, 2008.


I would have to agree with you! I am not me without the unconditional love that family shares with me on a daily basis. Since tomorrow is not promised, I always make sure I tell my parents and family that I love them because I don’t want it to be too late or regret something I should’ve done or could’ve done to put a smile on my parents or families face.

God Bless!

Ruben C.

Comment on May 19th, 2008.

I agree with Augie & Ruben. Though not everyone is lucky enough to have unconditional love from their loved ones. What do you do when another member of the family should be doing the amends & they don’t? Somehow let them know you forgive them. You’ll live a happier life knowing you did even if your relationship will never be the same!


Comment on May 20th, 2008.

Wow What A big one. I can’t live with out my family. but i haven’t put my part to it either. i haven’t gone around to see them or call enough to tell them i love them. I have that problem that i never really put my family first always had a guy in front of it. i always thought that i was right. i felt like i lost my family for a while there but i am happy that they are still by my side to help me though hard time. thats why they say always have your family first because at the end of a path even the ugly ones there are the ones who are there.

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дааа вот бы мне скорость побыстрее…

Воспитатель Family is one of the most important and valuable emotions we can share with […….

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