Learning from Others

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I am a part of all that I have met.

By Lord Alfred Tennyson

This quotes holds true in all of our lives. Every person we meet and share a moment with, we get something out of. It is important to maintain awareness of this thought and quote. Your life can be intensified with much more meaning. Each person that I have met in my life has made a profound impact in my world and I thank them all with a passion. Sometimes the impacts were temporarily seen and felt as positive or negative impact in my life; however at the end of the day if you could look deeper into the situation, the moment or the expirence and learn something new or better yet learn something about yourself then your life can be much more intensified with meaning and joy. You will be more interested in others, which makes you much more interesting as you will always be in a self improvement mode, which will benefit all around you.


How Can I be Cool?

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 How can I be Cool?

2 Be interesting is 2 Be interested

People always ask me, How can I be Cool? So I say, it is easy to be cool and it is also easy for us to be stuck in the moment of comfort and contentment but a person really grows when they step out of their comfort zone and place themselves in a place of challenge for self improvement. I believe you have the power and right guidance deep within your soul that will have you achieving much more than you can even imagine as long as you recognize its existence and stay honest and loyal to that voice. I think that’s pretty cool :O)

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Living Life with Meaning

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Living with Meaning

A Meaningful person will always live and share meaningful moments because they live life in a meaningful way.

What is your meaning of life? How are you living life with meaning? What are some of your meaningful moments? What is a meaningful thought? These are question that a lot of people ask. The answer is always right and never wrong. This thought process will help you and others in remembering whats important to self. Please share your thoughts and your answer in a comment below. Your words can help, save and change someones life.

Thank you for being Selfless !!!!



Dealing with Rejection

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Rejection is fun when you can learn from it and grow as a wiser person!!!

Dealing with Rejection is one of those situations that can make or break a person. If you fear rejection then you are not prepared for it. There is always a learning experience from rejection that you can use to grow and surpass any negative emotions. Always look at the bright side. It is not the end of the world, A opportunity was just opened for the right situation that best fits your world to enter. You must remember that after every storm the sun rises after darkness you will always see the light and after every rejection you have gained the understanding on how to succeed in the next opportunity. Keep telling yourself this until you believe and own it!!!

Here are 7 steps to grow and Shine out of a rejection:


  1. Understand what depression is.  It is easy to fall into depression after any rejection. If you understand the definition of depression and can point it out when you feel it then you can stop depression from taking over your life at anytime.
  2. Do Not Hide Away. Go Out and Have Fun. Misery loves company. Do not fall into the trap!!!!
  3. Do not talk about the situation in a sorrow way. Talk about it in a happy reliving way. You are not the victim. You just just learned something new and shall succeed with your next opportunities.
  4. Remember that because of this rejection there are now greater opportunities heading your way.
  5.  Take a look at the situation and learn from it.
  6. Study your part, Learn your part and ask yourself what could you have done differently.
  7.  Be Strong, Be Happy, Have Fun and always Remember the law of attraction.

When dealing with rejection, use this experience as a learning phase and a step forward into the right direction. Understand and believe that this rejection has made you a stronger and wiser person. Most importantly you learned something about yourself. Use this experience and others that come in a positive way  for the rest of your life. Trust me you will be able to help someone who may be going through a similar experience and guide them in a honorable way. Be strong and use the law of attraction. You will get what you set your mind on consciously and subconsciously. Envision what you want, receive it even if you do not literally have it you must feel it and own it. Now live like you have it and own it!!! Stand proud, Walk tall and Shine!!!

Please share your thoughts on a comment below in a Selfless manner =o)

Good LuCk !!!



Expressing Freedom

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Life is abOut being free and Self improvment at all times while we enlighten Others spirits with Our naturaly loving personalities. Dont hold back, Let your beauty within SHINE!

The beauty is within you! Don’t be afraid to express your loving and caring personality. Being free is being loved by self which will quickly lead to being loved by others.  Remember your smile will turn someones frown upside down!!!!

Judgement of a Man

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Dr Martin Luther King Jr

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friends and Memories

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Friends come and Friends go, Memories last forever though…

Make the moments you share with your friends and loved ones meaningful moments. One day they are here and they next day they may be gone. One day YOU are here and the next day you may be gone. Life is precious and It can be intended to be what you choose to consciously and subconsciously make of it. Express your love, show your gratitude, be interested in others words, feelings, emotions and thoughts and live your life with Joy. Amazing memories will begin to store and they will last forever.


Facing Your Fears

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The only thing stopping you from doing what you want to do is FEAR. What are your natural behaviors when your faced with fear? Does F.E.A.R = Forget Everything And Run? or Does F.E.A.R = Face Everything And Recover?

For me Fear is a natural human emotion that will stunt my growth if I chose to Forget Everything And Run when it arises. Knowledge and Personal Growth will only occur when you step out of a comfortable situation and master what seemed to be a unconformable situation. There are different types and levels of fear’s that can rule our lives in different ways. Tony Robins says, “If you follow your stress it will lead you to your fears.” I am a strong believer in the first step of overcoming a fear is to point it out, take ownership, and destroy it by living it. The only thing stopping you from doing what you want to do is FEAR.

Think of the things you want to accomplish in life. Now ask yourself, If I am the creator of time, why have I not done this yet? If you have started yet abandoned or quit on one of your dreams then keep asking yourself why followed by what you think is a honest answer and you find that Fear. The Time is Now to point out your F.E.A.R and Face Everything And Recover.

What are some of your fears? Have you overcame some of your fears? How did you overcome them? Please share your answers, questions and thoughts on a comment below. Remember you can be anonymous or you may change your name. Your expirence, words and thoughts may change someones life. Thank you for being Selfless and good luck! The Power is within You!!!


What is Love???

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 What is Love

Loving and being Loved is an amazing feeling. It brings happiness and Joy but it can also bring pain and sorrow.

Love works in mysterious ways…

Can you love someone without that some one loving you back? Is love a feeling or a passion? Does love come with time or is it an instant feeling? Is Love a selfish act that one uses to justify their feelings or is it a selfless act? What is LOVE???

Please write your answer, question or thoughts in a comment below. Remember your words can change someones life. Be selfless and please share your thoughts below.



Actions vs Family

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Think about how your Actions has affected your family??

Do you owe any of them an amends? Have you been bringing work related stress home? Maybe your attitude has been a bit sour? Maybe you have been a bit selfish with time?

Family is one of the most important and valuable emotions we can share with a passion. Amongst family there always lives unconditional love. It’s about that time we make that amends, make some more time, tell the ones that love you how much they mean to you. Tell Them how much you love and Appreciate them.

Finlay exhale ….